I Make Videos

From time to time I make animations, edit videos, stream, and livestream.

I’ve used lots of tools, Premiere or OpenShot or Kdenlive to remix existing content, After Effects for text animations, effects, transitions and title screens, VirtualDub, LameXP, and MakeAVI for some editing functions, FL Studio for audio, OBS for streaming and either it or MiniTool for screen recording, VLC to preview renders, and 3D Studio Max, Bryce, Ultra Fractal, and Mandelbulb for fun. Recently, I’m using free and open software for the most part.

Here’s my latest major video editing project:

The People’s Convoy Music Video:

Here are all posts on this site with with the tag ‘Video Editing Project’: JBN Video Editing Project Tag

Here is a playlist of all the JBN Mixtape episodes that have been created so far: JBN Mixtape Playlist

The mixtapes are collections of short videos that I have uploaded to various channels recently (mainly Odysee and Telegram), and some videos that I haven’t uploaded anywhere, combined into a single video.

Here is all of the information and links for the JBN livestreams that are, were, or will be: JBN Livestreams

Here are all videos that I’ve uploaded to Odysee, which includes some experimental video editing projects that can’t be seen elsewhere.