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The People’s Convoy Music Video

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I wrote the original music in this video using FL Studio. I made the video from available footage and set it to a two-chord repeat on a 12 string. Then I added a synth keyboard track, followed by some solo tracks with a 6 string acoustic. Some of the audio from the original footage comes through at times.

The project isn’t affiliated with anyone, I just got the clips from Telegram channels and used a browser editor and OpenShot since I don’t have an Adobe subscription. This is an independent grassroots video affiliated only with me as an individual.

The People’s Convoy
Let Freedom Roll | End Mandates Everywhere

Departure ~ Adelanto, California February 23, 2022
Arrival ~ Washington D.C. March 5, 2022

See much much more about the Convoy from Wendi Strauch-Mahoney at UncoverDC.

Footage, photos, and information comes from:
1st Responders Media

Inventors of the mp3 format and air brakes: Stop emailing me for royalties, you’re not getting it.