I played a small part in the 2008/2012/2016 Ron and Rand Paul campaigns and the movement that led to the Tea Party, viable competition to the Federal Reserve, and Constitutional Conservativism within a Republican party that had lost its way.

As an independent grassroots individual, I built websites, videos, and flyers, knocked on doors, waved signs, and generally herded, or rejected anyone’s authority to herd, cats. While professional campaign fundraisers sent spam, I facilitated crowd-sourced self-organization among autonomous sovereign individuals.

I had a new awakening to the weaponization and culture of cover-up within the intelligence apparatus. Frank & Beanz of the Dark to Light podcast were the only truthtellers left standing when otherwise independent podcasters joined gaslight media’s clownshow thoughtbubble narrative. For me, UncoverDC’s call for journalist tryouts was serendipity.