I Draw Cartoons

Occasionally I draw cartoons.  More rarely, I draw good ones.

The ones you see above are free to copy and share as you wish. The reason I didn’t sign them is that I didn’t want anyone to have a reason not to.

I’ve got the originals here at the house. I guess they’ll get smudged up over time, but oh well I like them anyway.

I would like it if you would re-draw them and send me one!

Eventually I will make them all more easily accessible by direct download here, and perhaps a torrent.

If anyone wants to outsource printing a book of them to me, I could look up some print on demand service and make a few dollars I guess, and would certainly do it just because I’m honored, but you should probably find someone on fiverr or some other onramp to the gig economy, just to get it done, otherwise.