Expectations Are Premeditated Resentments

Expectations are Premeditated Resentments

I started out to fix the world and settled on fixing myself.

*Expectations are premeditated resentments*

My litmus should not be whether others change, but whether I am changing. If I do, they will too. Besides, good change in me doesn’t come from others — and good change in others doesn’t come from me.

When I can let go of any expectations of change in another, we are both more free to change organically. I’ve observed that this works, and so I accept on faith that it will keep working.

Continual improvement of myself has made me more comfortable as an open example to others, and therefore more fair and effective at allowing for change in others.

I just need to do my best, make good choices, assert knowledge in good measure, and maintain respect and love. Then we all improve over time. Change comes in a way that I never would have expected, and never could have engineered myself.

Whatever role persuasion and authority may have in human relations, the strongest kind of change comes from the inside out. Where there is individual liberty, self ownership, and personal responsibility, the sovereign can observe each other as they exemplify full living.