Stemstr Music Collaborations

Stemstr is a music collaboration platform that allows users to upload songs, samples, tracks, beats, takes, outtakes, and other experiments to mix, remix, sample, revise, restructure, and otherwise combine with personal labor to create unique derivatives. It is built on the uncensorable social protocol known as Nostr. You aren’t ready for it.

Users upload their work and anyone can remix. This wide open, permissionless culture begets innovation – as with the beginning of hip-hop and its famous sampling/resampling. It has opened up possibilities and inspired creations from myself and others:

I uploaded an original ‘Lovolution‘ and it was remixed by stemstr champ @Gek.

@manlikekweks uploaded an original work titled ‘Summer

I sliced it into samples, rearranged some notes, put it on a loop, added a drum track, and included an adorable sample of a child and mother learning sounds:

… and he responded with a R E M I X R E M I X

@June brought Cattle Drive and I added tonefill.

I remixed @Sync ‘s ‘Nobody Expects‘ with guitar scales and named it Nobody Expects… Guelectscales

I remixed @Bass ‘s Timmy Still Down with a light lead and named it Down Timmy Down

I remixed @FrankDuna ‘s Volutes by adding a synth backing, a soft clipper to remove some bg noise on source, and EQ’d the source. I named it Volutesian.

The best is yet to come…