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Forensic Audit vs Recount

2021/11/23 Texas Funds SoS “Comprehensive Forensic Audit” of Four Counties

2021/11/19 Wisconsin Criminal Investigation: Granny Harvesting, Zuckerbucks, and Machine Forensics

2021/11/11 Wisconsin Election Integrity News Abounds

2021/11/09 Accountability in Wisconsin for CTCL and CEIR Grants?

2021/10/29 WI Sheriff: AG Refused Election Crime Evidence in March

2021/10/25 Wisconsin Audit Report: Results Certified Despite Illegal Ballots

2021/10/19 PA AG: “Quash” These 17 Election Investigation Subpoenas

2021/10/14 Wisconsin’s ‘Big Five’ CTCL Mayors Subpoenaed In Election Investigation

2021/10/04 Pennsylvania’s Election Reform HB1800 is HB1300 Redux

2021/09/22 WI Special Counsel Video: Possible Forensics Investigation

2021/09/07 Wisconsin Election Integrity: Audits, Subpoenas, Investigations, and Legislation

2021/08/18 Battle Over Election Materials Subpoenas in Wisconsin

2021/08/09 134 Year Old Man Voted in Pennsylvania Election

2021/08/05 Pennsylvania Has An Audit Subpoena Battle Too

2021/08/03 Vulnerabilities of the ES&S DS200 Vote Tabulator

2021/07/28 Wisconsin Report Claims Illegal Ballots Exceed Margin of Victory

2021/07/27 Wisconsin Rep Brandtjen Promises ‘Comprehensive Forensic Examination’

2021/07/22 WI Rep Requests Forensic Audit Addition

2021/07/21 Full Forensic Audits vs. Superficial Recounts

2021/07/21 Are ‘Zuckerbucks’ in Wisconsin Lawful?

2021/07/09 PA Senator Sends Official Request For Forensic Investigation of 3 Counties

2021/07/06 NV Citizens Serve Governor Maladministration Notice

2021/07/01 Will Wisconsin’s Election Integrity Audit Be Full and Forensic?

2021/06/25 Pennsylvania Grassroots for Forensic Audit vs. Republican Senators

2021/06/24 Deep Rig Documentary Features Patrick Byrne, Michael Flynn, Jovan Pulitzer

2021/06/23 Pennsylvania Election Integrity Grassroots Rally Events

2021/06/23 Wisconsin Elections Board Navigates New Transparency Law

2021/06/11 Pennsylvania Election Integrity Efforts Continue Amid Politicized Criticism

2021/06/10 More Election Integrity Delegations to Visit Maricopa County, Arizona Audit

2021/06/08 H.R. 1 Reintroduced Piecemeal Through Similar Legislation in the States

2021/06/08 Georgia to be Second State to Tour Maricopa County Arizona Election Audit

2021/06/04 Pennsylvania Election Integrity Updates

2021/06/03 PA Election Integrity Delegation Tours Audit in Maricopa, AZ

2021/06/01 Ohio HB 294 Election Security and Modernization Act

2021/06/01 Bills in Wisconsin Senate Would Change Election Law

2021/05/28 Look Ahead America Sues Ohio Elections Board Over Dominion Contract Meetings

2021/05/25 Nevada Election Integrity To Date

2021/05/20 Lawmakers Promise Legal Action After Pennsylvania Primary Election Irregularities

2021/05/18 Anticipating Resolution of Election Complaints and Audit in Wisconsin

2021/05/13 A New Pennsylvania Election Report and Petition for Audit