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2021/11/18 UDC Exclusive: Religious Organization Denies Religious Exemption

2021/10/27 Bailed-Out Hospitals Overwhelmed Themselves After Decades of Warnings

2021/10/13 Dell Leak: Take Vax or Face Termination, No Exceptions

2021/09/28 Lawsuits and Principled Resignations Over Coerced WuFlu Jabs

2021/08/05 Vaccine Passports: Implementation and Opposition

2021/07/29 St. Louis County Council Repeals Mask Order; Missouri AG Files Lawsuit

2021/07/07 Rumored Mandatory Military Vaccines; Prohibiting Legislation Introduced

2021/05/21 Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie Among Maskless in House

2021/05/17 CDC Changes Will Result in Fewer Breakthrough Case Reports

2021/05/17 Rand Paul: Fauci ‘Can’t Escape’ NIH Funding of Wuhan Lab

2021/05/05 No Right to Try; No Right to Refuse

2021/04/21 Study Concludes Facemasks Ineffective and Detrimental

2021/04/01 Wisconsin and Florida Acting Legislatively as Citizens Protest Vocally

2021/03/31 Gov. Ron DeSantis Announces Executive Action Against Vaccine Passports in Florida