Creativity Incubator

The website / Tik Tok channel / Odyssee channel branding package is for my homeschooled kids and doubles as an example of what can easily be accomplished by those who wish to work in video.

The website keeps links to channels on TikTok (Video shorts) and Odysee (Long video), which is where to find the videos that are posted by the Creativity-Incubator brand accounts.

TikTok was known to be an undesirable platform, but that’s what was prescribed for the kids in their early unfortunate exposure to public schools. But we did not know the extent! Since TikTok banned my kids for no apparent reason about a month after we started (LOL Thanks Woketech!!), we have learned about privacy violations, absurdly low royalty payments, and rumors of much worse.

Of course, the video hosting platforms are interchangeable – this is all very vanilla and will change as my kids grow.

It is likely that Twitter will soon aim to compete in the short video market. The engineering for the service is trivial. Now just to wait and see on the policy implementation.

Odysee is solid as ever and has unoffensive policies.

This development coincided with a greater general pivot and so details will be forthcoming…