I Make Music

This space will house links to all of the music I have available for listening or download.

See all posts on this site with my music in them: JBN Music Category

In addition to making the mp3’s available for listening on this site, I use WavLake as a distribution platform (via Nostr). It works on the value for value model, meaning all of my music is free, and you can show appreciation for that easily with instantaneous, low fee bitcoin lightning transactions, even if only a fraction of a penny. Due to iron laws of economics, the value of these contributions will go up over time. Call it faith if you like.

When I create a track, I upload it to Stemstr, a music collaboration platform built on Nostr. There you can see some remixes that people have made of my tracks, and some remixes I’ve made on others’.

Music Projects

001 Easygoing‘ Free for your video or audio projects.

002 Classic‘ First full song release.

003 Lovolution‘ Full backing track ready for collaborations.