‘Classic’ is the base track that I will use for a future song release. UPDATE: Full song now released for collaboration:

Full Version: Download | Or listen now:

Intro Clip 65 Seconds: Download | Or listen now:

Outtro Clip 37 Seconds: Download | Or listen now:

The Intro and Outtro clips are free to use for any purpose. Right click on the ‘Download’ link and save. Attribution is appreciated.

As for the full version above that I will be using in the future, please don’t release something that would preclude, restrict, or diminish my ability to commercialize it without prior communication and agreement. Unless you really think you should for some reason I haven’t thought of, which I hope you contact me about.

Where the music on this page is featured:

on Odyssee for *** Dance Party *** uploaded by me

See the other music that I have created and made available for listening / download / use by viewing all the posts on this website that are in the ‘Music’ Category