I Write Things

JohnBNevin.com contains links to all of my writing.

I’ve written news journalism and editorials for UncoverDC.com. See why I chose UDC over all others.

I write thought snippets that I hope my kids read someday. They attempt to summarize all that I know or believe to be true about a subject in relatively few words.

I am writing a serial story called ‘Submersible‘ that is unique to Stacker News. Here is a link to part #1 of ‘Submersible.’

SN is like Reddit, but with Bitcoin zaps instead of up and downvotes. Post articles, discussions, links, images, videos, and comment on them. Zap sats to the authors you appreciate. Don’t worry if you don’t have any Bitcoin sats, you can post for free for awhile until you earn some. Sign up now with this link — it’s free.