I Build Websites

I build WordPress websites.

You see this one, it’s clean and simple.

Function or Design? You decide the balance.

Mine is minimalist functional. I hope there are no extra frustrating clicks.

Here are the two most common scenarios I come across:

Q: They say I need a website, but I don’t ‘computers.’
A: I can do that. But, you may have a free option, or a very inexpensive one, that is better for you. Websites are trendy, but for a reason. Most businesses do need one. However, if something would fit better for you, i.e. a Facebook Page, or a less censorable email list, that’s what I will recommend. I will tell you if my services do not fit your goals. This is not entirely altruistic – a world full of businesses with customers who aren’t getting what they need is not a world I want to live in.

Q: I have a website, but it’s broken, unwieldy, convoluted and/or has gone from exciting new chapter to worst nightmare.
A: I can fix it and teach you how to add new stuff without worry.

The three most common reasons website owners find themselves with a nightmare website:

1) ‘One Size Fits All’ ‘Easy Starter Kit’ ‘Click-and-Drag’ solutions are not any of those things. DIY Website Builders (breakers) are unnecessary and are much like patching a hole using spaghetti flung from a balsa wood catapult made by a kindergartner. Many first time website owners end up with a mess of these various ‘helper’ plugins, themes, and frameworks that make websites harder to work with, make them less secure, and often break them. The truth is that WordPress is already a one-size-fits all starter kit for beautiful websites out of the box – and it’s free.

2) You tried it on your own, but it’s hard! I went through a million learning experiences to get where I am. WordPress is a good way to do it on your own, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds – especially if no one tells you not to install the DIY Website Breaker Themes and Plugins.

3) The worst Website Developers are like the worst car mechanics. The harder it is for you to do it yourself, and the more things are broken, the better for them. There aren’t many of these, but no matter how upstanding, the incentives are not always where they should be. I have learned how to minimize the moving parts so that it is more secure and less likely to break.

I have built many websites, some are still around, some aren’t. Some are anonymous, some aren’t. I’m glad to show you examples on request.

I don’t take on very many clients, but I do have room for one small project right now. You’d be surprised what WordPress can do!

Contact me on Telegram! Say enough so I know you’re not a robot 🙂

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