I Build Websites

I build WordPress websites.

You see this one, it’s clean and simple.

Function or Design? You decide the balance.

Mine is minimalist functional. I hope there are no extra frustrating clicks.

I have built many websites, some are still around, some aren’t. Some are anonymous, some aren’t. In addition to this website, here are some examples I’ve created recently:


I’m glad to show more examples on request.

For your website, I will tell you if my services do not fit your goals. If you have a free or inexpensive option that is better for you, such as a Facebook Page, or a less censorable email list, that is what I will recommend. This is not entirely altruistic – a world full of businesses with customers who aren’t getting what they need is not a world I want to live in.

If it is a good match, I will build you a website. Or perhaps your website has become broken or unwieldy. If it’s WordPress, it’s easy to fix.

Contact me on Telegram! Say enough so I know you’re not a robot 🙂

JohnBNevin.com John B Nevin Builds Websites
A WordPress Site Dashboard on a website with relatively good health. JohnBNevin.com