FindaPatriot Supper Clubs

The FindaPatriot website that I built for Wendi Strauch Mahoney now has a new feature:

FindaPatriot Supper Clubs

“The core of our mission is to connect people in real life not on social media. A return to friends sitting around a table talking and sharing life’s ups and downs is a way to return to stronger relationships and better civil discourse. The concept is to gather five or six couples or a small group of friends monthly to solidify support systems that are so badly needed in today’s culture. It can be a combination of old and new friends!”

– To encourage a return to ‘in real life’ quality time among like-minded Patriot friends.

– To network, build stronger relationships, solidify support systems, and to foster more civil discourse.

– Fellowship, fulfillment, and fun.

– Focus Local. Impact is greater when closer to home.

– Cooperation. Freedom-loving individuals can build healthy families, groups, neighborhoods, and society together through cooperation.

– Setting a good example. A successful group or individual can be an example for others if they are willing to share their story. It works better than force.

– Freedom of Choice. Individuals have the right to choose for their own lives and the lives of their children.

– Sovereignty / Decentralization / Laissez Faire. FindaPatriot is not a government; there is no charter. Each local supper club has its own authority and operates independently. Individuals choose and form their own supper clubs, operating freely.


Much more to come!