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Lindell v. Dominion / Smartmatic

Michael J. Lindell v. U.S. Dominion, Inc., et al. claims that defendants U.S. Dominion, Inc., Dominion Voting Systems, Inc., Dominion Voting Systems Corporation, Smartmatic USA Corp., Smartmatic International Holding B.V., and SGO Corporation Limited have weaponized the litigation process.

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Byrne Points to Lindell v. Dominion/ Smartmatic “MOAB”

Lindell v. Dominion/Smartmatic: Exhibits Breakdown Part 1

Lindell v. Dominion/Smartmatic: Exhibits Breakdown Part 2

Lindell v. Dominion / Smartmatic: Exhibits Breakdown Part 3

Lindell v. Dominion/Smartmatic: Exhibit 12 Forensics

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