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  -= Arizona =-

CNN Shows Its Naked Bias About The Arizona Audit

Contentious Battles Continue Over Arizona Audit

Fann Calls Special Meeting And BOS Refuses To Attend

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Say Fann Letter Was Defamatory

Fann Sends Letter In Arizona As Audit Begins To Check Duplicate Ballots

Maricopa County: The Big Router Lie

Hot off the Presses! Arizona Audit Update

Maricopa County Failed To Deliver Routers And Admin Passwords

Court Forces The Release Of Procedural Documents As Arizona Audit Continues

Still No Temporary Restraining Order: Maricopa Audit Continues

Election Integrity: Forensic Audit in Maricopa Co. Back On After Dems Decline to Post $1M Bond

  -= Michigan =-

Dark To Light: Matt DePerno – Election Integrity In Antrim, MI

DePerno Files Motion For Reconsideration: More Evidence Of Fraud

Explosive News Coming Out Of Antrim Michigan

DePerno Says No to the “Come Hear the Evidence” Rally

DePerno Remains Hopeful: Will Appeal In Antrim Lawsuit

Antrim County Dismissed: DePerno Will Appeal

DePerno Press Conference Bombshells

DePerno Denied Additional Discovery But Antrim Lawsuit Still In Play

DePerno Says Votes Were Changed In Dominion Tabulators

Antrim County Lawsuit Expert: Votes Can Be Flipped

  -= New Hampshire =-

Election Integrity: NH Voters Rally for Statewide Audit

Windham, NH Update: Voters Rally For Statewide Audit

Windham Update: Hursti Alone Conducts Forensic Audit of Machines

Harri Hursti: Windham Ballot Fold Error Caused By Dept. of Motor Vehicles Machine

Windham Auditors: Ballot Folds Are Not The Only Problem

Windham Audit Update: Machine “Two” Repeatedly Favored Democratic Candidates

Windham, NH Audit Update: Early Results Are Troubling As Dominion Rep’s Presence Continues

Windham, NH Forensic Audit Update: Significant Concerns Over Transparency

Windham, NH Audit Update: Observers Question Why Dominion Rep Spends Day At Facility

Windham, NH Voters Continue Push for Legitimate Auditors

VP Harris Visits New Hampshire Days Before Windham Forensic Auditors Selected

Windham Auditors: “No Credible Evidence of Fraud in the 2020 Election”

Windham, NH Board of Selectmen Ignore Concerns Surrounding Audit Integrity

Election Integrity Call to Action: All Eyes on Windham, NH Tonight

Windham, NH Officials Choose Auditor Opposed to Audit in Maricopa County, AZ

N.H. Election Integrity Update: Windham Audit Moves Forward & SoS Gardner Slams H.R. 1

  -= Georgia =-

Dueling Lawsuits and Depositions in Fulton County

Ruby And Shaye Freeman Subpoenaed In Georgia

Georgia to be Second State to Tour Maricopa County Arizona Election Audit

Fulton Co. Update: Audit of Absentee Ballots On Hold After County Files Motion to Dismiss

GA Judge Rules To Unseal Fulton Co. Absentee Ballots For Additional Analysis

Daugherty V Raffensberger: The Little Election Lawsuit That Could

  -= Pennsylvania =-

Pennsylvania Election Integrity Efforts Continue Amid Politicized Criticism

Pennsylvania Election Integrity Updates

PA Election Integrity Delegation Tours Audit in Maricopa, AZ

A New Pennsylvania Election Report and Petition for Audit

Lawmakers Promise Legal Action After Pennsylvania Primary Election Irregularities

Luzerne County, PA Council to Ask District Attorney to Investigate Dominion Error

  -= Wisconsin =-

Anticipating Wisconsin Election Audit Results and Complaints Resolution

Bills in Wisconsin Senate Would Change Elections

  -= Nevada =-

Nevada Election Integrity To Date

  -= Ohio =-

Look Ahead America Sues Ohio Elections Board Over Dominion Contract Meetings

Ohio HB 294 Election Security and Modernization Act

-= Multiple States =-

More Election Integrity Delegations to Visit Maricopa County, Arizona Audit

  -= Lindell v. Dominion / Smartmatic =- Lindell v. Dominion Journalism Roundup

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