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Chess Marine Lt. Col. Scheller

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Chess Riddling Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller

Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller’s demand for accountability from “American Leadership” involved in military activity in Afghanistan. After his first video went viral and briefly mentioned chess as an allegory, his second conspicuously featured a chessboard with its pieces arranged in a position well known as “The Trompowsky Attac.” Multiple statements that followed contained commonly understood chess notation, leading to much speculation as to any code, riddle, or meaning that might be behind it. Our series of articles breaks it all down.

9/1/21 Marine Includes Chess Riddle In Demand for Accountability
9/9/21 Chess Playing Marine Signals More Moves
9/21/21 Chess Marine Singles Out CENTCOM Chief McKenzie
9/30/21 Chess Marine LTC Scheller Critiques Foreign Policy Figures, More
10/6/21 Chess Marine In and Out of the Brig

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