Beanz Wins; We Win

The 2008 U.S. Presidential race saw a grassroots swell for Ron Paul that made him the leading Republican fundraiser headed into the election.  He got the most donations from active members of the military of any candidate, and his supporters invented a ‘MoneyBomb’ event where they raised $6 million in one day.  Though he lost that election, the Tea Party rose in its wake to further highlight the contrast between establishment Republicans, who shoe-horned in Mitt Romney to represent them in 2012, and small government conservatives who advocated for a return to the party’s roots.

The Tea Party would have to wait until 2016 for representation, when Donald Trump was finally able to form a wider coalition that the establishment GOP and legacy media would be willing to admit was viable.  Many among metropolis-centric television and newspapers, living in echo chambers where they perpetually over-represent their own opinions to themselves, had lost any ability to predict real world events that they may have once had.   Being insulated from the main-street reality existing outside their coastal bubbles, they were shocked by his eventual victory.  Once in office, calcitrants in the intelligence community, legacy media, lobbying firms, and the House teamed for a four year Swamp operation to discredit and impeach Trump.

Then 2020 boomeranged on Republicans. Even while watching a comfortable lead suddenly disappear late on election night, they had little reason to believe that support for Trump had fallen in the past four years, nor that support for Democrat causes would have risen. The ensuing explanations by experts such as Jovan Pulitzer, inventor of a paper ballot scanning verification process , led many to refer to Biden with the alternate title of Resident of the United States.

A million+ strong Trump rally in Washington was then framed as an insurrection by legacy media. It has since been established that the only murder at the capitol that day was at the hands of a Capitol Policeman who used questionable judgment, and that the rest were typical medical emergencies when not fabricated for narrative.  Still, the story reported by the complicit has remained largely unchanged, and ratings are rightly suffering for it.

Attempts to audit the vote counting legally were blocked through the inauguration, with no court willing to see the evidence.  Representatives from all three branches of government failed, some making cynical optical calculations to preserve ability to posture, some knowing turncoats who put aside election integrity for personal enrichment or avoidance of personal loss.  Within the Republican party, fundraising incentives guided some – nothing brings GOP donor dollars better than Democrats in power.

Months after Joe Biden’s inauguration, some legal and legislative forensic vote audit processes are still in play that give hope that future elections can be trusted, even if no long-shot miracle hope for this one can be justified. But the landscape was leaving few options for the typical Trump supporter to salvage a conservative country.

Enter Tracy Beanz.

After a February interview with Dan Schulz on ‘THIS Is How We Win’ episode of her podcast Dark to Light, she has re-entered the political arena to participate locally with MySCGOP.com.  All over the country, in every State and County and precinct, similar ‘ReOrgs’ are an opportunity to replace those who were in positions responsible for vote integrity, or lack thereof.

Tracy Beanz is allying with the like-minded who call for transparency and honesty with a spine.  Her goal is occupying a seat on the Horry County GOP Executive Committee as a trustworthy person who will stand up for what is right and do what she says she is going to do.  Having swept the election on the first round of voting, she’ll have her chance.  The ReOrg is on, and repeatable throughout America.

Tracy’s reputation is such that former Director of National Intelligence for both Trump and Obama, General Michael Flynn, traveled to a farm local to her to deliver a glowing speech of endorsement. This was not a speaking tour for the General – he arrived as Tracy’s friend, supporter, and fan.  He spoke of Tracy as a trustworthy steward while reasoning that, while God guides us and the writing of the Constitution, we and our Constitution guide our Country.

My distrust of the politically ambitious spiraled with my youthful optimism and led me to attend two events to confirm that her truth and integrity is the real kind. Skepticism melted away in the face of her unabashed authenticity. The charismatic Bouncing Bean carries a contagious and buoyant hope without any superficial airs. Everyone that approaches is on common ground and gets a conversation that, like her coffee, is light and sweet — and for anyone close it’s hard not to like it that way too.

Tracy Beanz is found at UncoverDC and on her Dark to Light podcast.